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Kay Hottendorff at the wheel of Michel Dovaz' unrestored 1937 Cord 812 SC Custom Berline
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Aalholm--Cord812-1 Aalholm--Cord812-2 Aalholm--Cord812-3
Aaalholm--BugattiT40-1 Aaalholm--BugattiT40-2 Aaalholm--Citroen-1
Aaalholm--Citroen-2 Aalholm--FordEdsel-1 Aalholm--FordEdsel-2
Aalholm--FordT-1 Aalholm--FordT-2 Aalholm--Oldsmobile-1
Aalholm--Oldsmobile-2 Aalholkm--Willys Aalholm--BMW
Aalholm--Chevrolet Aalholm--chevyCorvair Aalholm--Morris
Aalholm--Wolseley Aalholm--Zim Aalmholm--Railway
Schlumpf--Logo Schlumpf--BugattiT57-1 Schlumpf--BugattiT57-2
Schlumpf--BugattiT57-3 Schlumpf--BugattiT57-4 Schlumpf--BugattiT57-5
Schlumpf--BugattiT57-6 Schlumpf--TalbotBugatti Schlumpf--DeDionBouton-1
Schlumpf--DeDionBouton-2 Schlumpf--DeDionBouton-3 Schlumpf--DeDionBouton-4
Schlumpf--Hotchkiss-1 Schlumpf--Hotchkiss-2 Schlumpf--Hotchkiss-3
Schlumpf--Hotchkiss-4 Schlumpf--PanhardLevassor-1 Schlumpf--PanhardLevassor-2
Schlumpf--PanhardLevassor-3 Schlumpf--PanhardLevassor-4 Schlumpf--Ravel-1
Schlumpf--Ravel-2 Schlumpf--Ravel-3 Schlumpf--Ravel-4
Schlumpf--Voisin-1 Schlumpf--Voisin-2 Schlumpf--Voisin-3
Schlumpf--Voisin-4 Schlumpf--AustroDaimler Schlumpf--RollsRoyce
Bremen--300SL-1 Bremen--300SL-2 Bremen--300SL-3
Bremen--300SL-4 Bremen--Volkswagen-1 Bremen--Volkswagen-2
Bremen--Motorbike-1 Bremen--Motorbike-2 Bremen--Motorbike-3
Bremen--Motorbike-4 Bremen--Motorbike-5 Bremen--Motorbike-6
Bremen--Motorbike-7 Bremen--Lancia Bremen--Lloyd
Tractor--Germany-1 Tractor--Germany-2 Tractor--Sweden-2
SchleswigHolstein--Oakland Germany--EarlyBeetle Peterson--EarlyCar
Nethercutt--Westinghouse-1 Nethercutt--Westinghouse-2 USA--300SL-1
USA--300SL-2 Hamburg--Locomotive-1 Hamburg--Locomotive-2
Hamburg--Locomotive-3 Hamburg--Locomotive-4 Hamburg--Locomotive-5
Essen2007-Mercedes-SL-Pagode Denmark2009-FergusonTractors-1 Denmark2009-FergusonTractors-2
Bremen2010-Opel-Convertible-1 Bremen2010-Opel-Convertible-2 Bremen2010-Opel-Convertible-3
Bremen2010-Opel-Convertible-4 Bremen2010-Borgwardt-Isabella-1 Bremen2010-Borgwardt-Isabella-2
Bremen2010-Borgwardt-Isabella-3 Hannover2010-Hanomag-1 Hannover2010-Hanomag-2
MilleMiglia2009-Bugatti-Type35-1 MilleMiglia2009-Bugatti-Type35-2 MilleMiglia2009-Bugatti-Type35-3
MilleMiglia2009-Bugatti-Type35-4 MilleMiglia2009-Ferrari-1 MilleMiglia2009-Ferrari-2
MilleMiglia2009-Ferrari-3 MilleMiglia2009-Ferrari-4 MilleMiglia2009-Ferrari-5
USA2000-4 USA2000-5 USA2000-1
USA2000-2 USA2000-3 USA2002-Route-66-1
USA2002-Route-66-2 USA2002-Route-66-3 USA2002-Route-66-4

PS: Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you happen to own any other photo of unrestored cars, you would like to see here: mbwestwood@hotmail.com
Thank you !
2012 Junk yard "Kirkö Mosse" - Sweden

One of the last historic car cemeteries in Europe. Now under protection until 2050.
2012 Aalholm Museum Auction - Denmark

In 08/2012 a complete car museum with 180+ cars was auctioned one by one without any reserve. The first photos shows a secret hall with more cars which have not been auctioned.
2012 Untouched cars from the Schlumpf Collection - Bremen Germany

In 02/2012 ten completely unrestored and untouched cars from the reserve of the Schlumpf collection in Mulhouse, France honored the Bremen Classic Motorshow: Bugatti, Talbot London, Panhard&Levassor, De Dion Bouton, Ravel, Hotchkiss, Austro Daimler, Rolls Royce, Maybach and (my favorite) an unbelievably beautiful Voisin. 
2012 Various cars & motorbikes - Bremen Germany

More impressions from the Bremen Classic Motorshow in 02/2012. 
2012 Some tractors - Germany & Sweden

Tired but beautiful agricultural engines.
2011 Various - Germany & USA

Grandpa's Oakland, early Beetle, three collections in the US & locomotives in Hamburg.
2009 Mille Miglia - Brescia Italy

Two time capsules at the most famous classic car race in the world.
2007-2010 Various - Germany & Denmark

Technoclassica, tractors in Denmark, Bremen Classic Motorshow & Zoo Hannover. 
2000-2002 Various - USA

Cumberland Islands, Atlanta Georgia and Route 66. 
... various barnfind photos - photos of barnfinds,
unrestored or abandonned cars
The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties
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