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Kay Hottendorff at the wheel of Michel Dovaz' unrestored 1937 Cord 812 SC Custom Berline
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Field of 40's Fords :
Article on a field full of rusty 1940s Fords and other cars.

Site specialized on US muscle cars. And here a lot of photos from the same guy.

barnfinds.com :
Nomen est omen.

1953 Buick
Photos of unrestore Buick with a lot of patina.

Unrestored 1911 Oldsmobile :
Rare classic in wonderful picturesque status of decay sold for 1.65 million dollar.

Ferrari 166MM Barchetta
Million dollar desert barn find before and after.

Huff Report
Photos of "Diamonds in the Rough".

The last Horch
Article on a Horch barn find in Texas (French language).

US car dealer
... selling unrestored cars.

British unrestored car forum :
Forum with many photos of derelict / unrestored vehicles..

Blog entry
Interesting article on unrestored cars

Barn find photo gallery
Various barn find photos on site of British newspaper "The Telegraph".

Various European scrap yards :
Lots of photo from a German photographer.

Unrestored Bugatti racer
in action:
Video:  unrestored Grand Prix Bugatti with a lot of Patina in action.

Rotten collection in Germany :

Video on grandpa Förster's rotten car collection in Northern Germany.

Gullwing Mercedes barnfind
1955 Mercedes Benz alloy bodied gullwing coupe found in California after 40 years of garage storage.

Chasseur d'Epaves ("Wreck Hunter") :
Giant thread showing thousands of abandoned cars and barnfinds (French language).

www.sleeping-beauties.de :

"Rust in it's most beautiful form.". Website inspired by the original Sleeping Beauties photos (German language).

Tinhunter Archive :
Homepage hunting for old tin (English language).

www.extraordinarycarcollections.com :

Homepage of my friends and co-authors Ard und Arnoud op de Weegh (English language).

Portuguese Barn Find :
Website with photos of the "Portuguese Barnfind" which made the headlines in 2007.

Stunts with classical cars :
Historic video showing stunts with classical automobiles (... and
another one).

Crash 1959 Chevy vs. 2009 Chevy :
Video showing crash between a 1959 Chevy and a 2009 Chevy.

Affordable model cars in barn find condition :
"Maisto Old Friends". My favourite is the 1955 Mercedes Benz 190 SL on the second page.

Bugatti find in the Lago Magiore :
Photos of the Bugatti rescued from the italian Lago Magiore in 2009 after some 70 years on the ground of the lake (text in German language).

Virtual Car Museum :
Website containing a "rust in peace" chapter.

Jay Leno's Garage :
Homepage of US talkmaster Jay Leno, who is a car collector (several Bugattis and Duesenbergs!) and a passionate barnfind hunter. The stories on his Duesenberg barnfinds are really trilling.

Epaves en Liberte :
Wonderful realistic car cemetaries built out of model cars (text in French language)..

Curboys Auto Salvage :
Captain Tailfin's photos of an US salvation yard in Sturbridge, MA. Part 2. Part 3. And Improbcat's photos of the same location.

Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing gardenfind :
Article on King Hussein of Jordania's Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, rediscovered after decades of outdoor storage in a garden (text in German language).

Mercedes SL found in riverbed :
Article on a Mercedes SL Pagode rescued from the German Neckar river, after 30 years in the mud. Currently the car is used as a display object, e.g. at the 2007 Technoclassica fair in Essen, Germany (text in German language).

1963 Corvette Stingray barnfind :
Photos of an abandonned 1963 Corvette Stingray split windows stored outdoors in Spokane, WA, USA since 1975.

Dreamstime :
Photo portal containing photos of rusty classics (various pages!).

You happen to know other interesting links, dealing with barnfinds, unrestored cars or automotive treasure hunts ?

Don't hesitate to send me an email !
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barn finds and automobile treasures hunts
The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties
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