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Kay Hottendorff at the wheel of Michel Dovaz' unrestored 1937 Cord 812 SC Custom Berline
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GeneralFrancosCars-1940-41Packard GeneralFrancosCars-1942Packard
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PS: Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you happen to own any other photo of unrestored cars, you would like to see here: mbwestwood@hotmail.com
Thank you !
1929 Nash 460 Advanced Six - Barnfind after 74 years of same ownership!!!

Javier Martinez Montoya, who plans to restore this Nash, kindly provided photos and story. When new, this 1929 Nash 460 Advanced Six was sold to a welthy lady in Spain. In April 1936 she sold it to Mr. Pedro who drove the car all over Spain during the Spanish civil war. In 1939, after the war, Mr. Pedro started using the Nash as a kind of taxi within the little town of La Rioja until he finally stored it back in 1960.
Javier Martinez Montoya found out about the existence of the car, but didn't know exactly where it was located. A friend, who was born in La Rioja asked around for it's whereabouts and finally was able to tell Javier the location. Javier found the car within a garage that had been closed fourty years earlier in 1970. This is where Javier bought the Nash from it's second owner after 74 years (!!!) of ownership in August 2010.
My congratulations Javier! This is the kind of luck, we car guys dream of!
Bugatti bed discovered !!!

This barnfind could be the result of a cooperation between car constructor Ettore Bugatti and his father, furniture maker Carlo Bugatti. But no, it isn't. To be honest this is no barnfind but a "kid's room find". My son found it in his room at his fifth birthday, and he simply loves it.
I built the bed myself after a 1:18 Grand Prix Bugatti Type 59 model car. OK, I know, the wheels are Type 35 style and the exhaust is on the wrong side. But it was much easier to build it this way and my son doesn't really care ;-)
Feel free to contact me if you want to copy it. I will be happy to provide you with more photos and any information you need.
General Franco's cars discovered in Spain after more than 50 years!

Thanks a lot to Javier Rucabado who kindly provided these barnfind pictures from spain ! The cars once belonged to Spanish general Franco. Javier wrote: "These cars come from the Franco´s Garage and they were at his personnal use until the mid 50s. Then they were auctioned and sold to someone in the scrap business but never were resold or rebuilt...the cars have been in different places and vandalized some day, now the cars are for sale but for non very reasonable price....and they still sleep for a while.

There are one Chrysler, one Fiat Ballila and two Packards. Thanks to Howard Russel and Buz Bowling for identifying the Chrysler!
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1948-52 Tatra 600 Tatraplan, 1938 Buick and more in Northern Germany

The following photos have been taken in a private collection in Northern Germany in December 2006. Unfortunately the collection doesn't exist anymore, but the photos show: barn finds still exist these days. It's worth to keep your eyes open. The collector acquired the Tatraplan in Vienna for only 1400 (!) German Mark a couple of years before. Back then it was taken home on an open trailer behind a Citroen DS Break ... in a snow storm with 60 cm of new snow! Today the Tatra is with another German collector who has several Tatras.
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The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties
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